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About Rajaji National Park
The Park spans over an area of 820sq. Km which includes Rajaji, Motichur and Chilla wildlife sanctuaries, and parts of Dehradun,Siwalik and Lansdowne Forest Divisions. These three sanctuaries were amalgamated in 1983 to Rajaji National Park, named after the Late Raja Gopal Chariya. The majestic Ganges flows through the National Park for a distance of 24km, besides the innumerable streams and brooks making it rich and diverse. It offers ample opportunities to nature lovers to enjoy the captivating landscape and wildlife.

Rajaji is thickly foliated predominantly by the Sal Forest and a number of other forest types which include the Western Gangetic Moist and Northern dry Deciduous and Khair-Sissoo forests. Low Alluvial Savannah Woodlands cover the drier southern margins of the park, in contrast to the Siwalik Chir-Pine on the high reaches of the hills. About Rajaji National Park there are no use of insecticides and pesticides in the whole retreat. We grow our own vegetables and over 14 herbs which undoubtedly are organic and used in the meals prepared for our guests.

Jeep Safaris
About Jeep Safari you want to explore the wilds of the remote areas or the dense ones, the option is to board a jeep. Why a Jeep safari? Well, it's the most secure way if you don't want to get scared when you hear the growl of a Lion or Tiger! More of all jeep safaris are the best way to get the inside look of the forest and its topography Enjoying Jeep Safari TripYou can enjoy the jeep safari tours available in the various wildlife sanctuaries in India.

Some of the best ones are Rajaji National Park. You will get a whole new Jungle experience in these sanctuaries while moving about in a jeep.

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